The Campaign

Many of our parents and grand-parents will have pensions they pay into each month for their retirement, most will have no idea what their money is being invested in. It is very likely that a large chunk is being invested in companies that spend huge amounts of money in (often secret) lobbying against climate legislation, making future climate change much worse and leaving our generation to live with the disastrous consequences. This obviously isn’t what they planned when they started saving for their own future.

The good news is that our parents and grand-parents’ pensions can be part of the solution! As shareholders in the most powerful companies in the world, they can force them to stop their dirty lobbying or their financing of fossil fuel projects. This will help secure a safer future for all of us.

Join our movement to make sure our parents' pension funds aren’t stealing our future.

Take action now:

  • Talk to your parents about their savings (pension funds, banks,...) and how these are being used to fund destructive lobbying and other harmful corporate practices.
  • Ask them to vote on the resolution at ANZ Bank, an Australian Bank that contributes heavily to new fossil fuel projects.

As a young person you can talk to (push) your parents on how their pension is funding dirty lobbies and harmful business practices and how they can push their pension fund to stop that. Click on the icons below to find out how!

"For the sake of the future of the planet, there is a strong case for pension funds taking action, but there's also quite a strong case just for the sake of your parents' pensions." Prof. Myles Allen - IPCC lead author and leader of Oxford's Climate Research Programme, speaking at the launch of PYP, December 2013.

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